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Saves a record containing all the keys pressed by the user
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Secretly records all your chats, the websites visited, emails sent and received, Facebook usage along with every key pressed on the keyboard. The tool also monitors the microphone, logging voice conversations and takes screenshots of the entire screen or active windows at regular intervals.

There are many circumstances, some of them appropriate others not so much, when you would like to know what happens at your computer (or even someone else’s) while you are away. Power Spy helps you record all computer activities for you to view them at a later time. When executed in stealth mode, this software will run in the background, inadvertently “watching” every move.

The user interface is not difficult to use. The program will start with a wizard that helps you set a security password. Only someone who knows this password will have access to the data collected by the program. It includes a main screen that will give you easy access to options and logs.

The information that this program is capable of gathering covers practically all aspects of computer use. The program works as a keylogger, which means that it saves all keystrokes. It also takes snapshots of the screen from time to time. It monitors the windows and applications opened and the contents of the clipboard. This software keeps a log of visited websites. In addition, it “keeps an eye” on all sorts of communications, such as e-mail, Skype and instant messengers.

You will be able to visualize all the collected information in the form of simple reports. Similarly, you will have access to the saved snapshots.

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  • It monitors a wide range of computer activity
  • It runs in stealth mode


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